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    Being a police officer is demanding work that requires great sacrifice, and The Blue Transformation understands that fully. Founded by Nicole Williams, LCSW, and Andre Williams – Former Dekalb County Police. The Blue Transformation seeks to fill the gap between the needs of law enforcement and the services they can feel comfortable taking advantage of. It is our belief that officers need a separate, safe, confidential space in which to do the work necessary to help them become the best individuals, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers and officers they can be. Happier, restored and fulfilled police men and women lead to stronger families and better communities. We want to be the catalyst for such change and invite you to be a part of The Blue Transformation, where health and wellness is a priority for every officer.

    Studies have shown that over time, the negative work experiences of Law Enforcement can manifest themselves in unhealthy conditions and destructive behaviors such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, alcoholism, domestic violence and suicide. According to a 2017 study conducted by the Ruderman Family Foundation, more officers die by suicide than in the line of duty. Andre knows this first-hand, as several of his colleagues committed suicide while he worked as a Police Officer. Law enforcement officers wear many hats within their neighborhoods (i.e. crisis manager, criminal investigator, family counselor, youth mentor, first aid provider, etc.), but often are not supported by the very communities in which they serve. This can leave police professionals feeling under and unappreciated, and sometimes resentful of their circumstances.

    With this variety of draining elements in their lives, where do officers go for the support they need? More often than not, they don’t go anywhere. Many believe they can’t trust the counselors within the police department, as they fear their ‘fit for duty’ status is always being assessed. In addition, they prefer not to share work incidents at home, as they don’t want to traumatize their families, and re-telling such accounts forces them to experience those situations again. 

    The Blue Transformation knows first hand how work stress affects a loved one and their co-workers and is passionate about providing professional social work and life coaching services to help address this problem.

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